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Flu, Disease, Germs

A good air filtration system will help prevent these from infiltrating your home.

Colds, Germs, Flu Virus all circulate by air

Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Influenza and the common cold

all pose a threat to your family’s health and comfort. Illnesses associated with virus and bacteria threaten to make you feel awful and possibly make you miss valuable time away from school and work. As an Indoor Air Quality Certified Professional I have one of the most advanced products ever developed to battle the microscopic viruses and bacteria that can be spread around in your living environment.

The Guardian Air PHI cell product is made in the USA by RGF Corporation is the whole house solution to reduce bacteria, mold, odors, particulate, VOC’s by over 90% throughout the house. Not only does it actively clean the air by producing Hydroperoxide plasma, it also logs a 99.99% SURFACE bacteria / virus reduction. This technology is used on major cruise lines as part of the strategy to deal with the “cruise ship virus” known as Norwalk. Hospital approvals infectious diseases – US and International 99% reduction of Staph (MRSA).

Guardian PHI technology found in the Guardian is NOT an ozone generating device and has been tested thoroughly and passed ozone /electro magnetic frequency to federal standards. The Guardian has been tested and utilized by UL, ETL, Disney, Subway Corp., University of Florida, Kansas State University, FEMA, U.S. Air Force in addition to numerous public and private companies. In the attached brochure you will see the test results against SARS, Bird Flu, Norwalk, Listeria, MRSA, E.Coli and Strep. A full test result booklet is available for your inspection. We encourage you to better educate yourself online.

The only way to truly appreciate this “too good to be true” product is to live with it in your home and see how it affects your life. Typical results are reduction in odors, sleeping better, breathing better and an overall improved wellness. In fact, I believe that this product will help you and your family so much that I will guarantee your complete satisfaction with a 90 day money back pledge. If this product does not live up to YOUR expectation we will remove it for a full refund, no questions asked and go on being your trusted home comfort contractor.

RGF Guardian Air QR+ PHI Cell® An RGF Advanced Oxidation Technology Effective on glass, odors, and microbials.

RGF Guardian Air REME HALO® An RGF Advanced Oxidation Technology Effective on glass, odors, microbials, and particulates.

Please speak with your favorite service consultant or give me a call personally so I can assist you with the comfort of you and your family.


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