About Ed

Image of Edward Stidd, the founder of The Villages Indoor Air QualityEd Stidd started in the air conditioning industry at the age of 27 as a wholesale representative for Victor Distributing. No-one could accuse Ed of job hopping, he stayed with Victor for 27 years!

At the tender age of 54 Ed was asked to head up the commercial division of Sarasota based Custom Air, a position he held for 3 years. He was then headhunted for a senior management position with Veteran Air, a fast-growing air conditioning company in the Sarasota and Manatee markets. Ed helped Veteran Air become a major player and eventually he became a co-owner.

Always planning to retire in his mid-60s so he could enjoy an active retirement, Ed's plans were derailed when he suffered a serious accident on a job site he was visiting. Facing a lengthy recovery he decided to relocate to The Villages and retired from Veteran Air in 2017.

Fortunately Ed made almost a full recovery but unfortunately, he proved to be spectacularly unsuccessful at retirement, and so Indoor Air Quality Products, Inc. was born!